The Shala is a haven, catering for new and seasoned yogi’s.

The practices are based on the ancient Vedic wisdom traditions of Ayurveda; the science of health,

Yoga; the union of mind and body to harness the power of the soul

Tantra; the weaving of techniques to master the use of energy.


They are all systems we practice and are also a state of being.


These practices are a natural, simple formula for health.

You do not need to be good at yoga or flexible.

The techniques are achievable for anyone to practice.


Rise above the fear and doubt, come on in.

Wherever you are at, we promise to look after you.

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Want to be a Yoga Teacher? We offer a 200hr Teacher Training suited to anyone looking to deepen their practice and expand their knowledge.


We host Workshops regularly at the Shala, on a range of topics. Join us in learning with teachers from our local area and abroad. 

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Check out our Online offerings, where we upload new classes every week. Now you can learn traditional Hatha techniques at home.



What is an Infrared Sauna?
The infrared light gives off radiated heat that penetrates deep within your muscles, tissues & cells giving a deep cleansing, detoxifying & therapeutic experience.


Sessions are 45 minutes long.

After booking you will receive a confirmation and access details. Please bring 2 towels, one to sit on and one for shower.