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With the holidays approaching most of us will be tempted by an abundance of food, much of it not very healthy and a full plate of social commitments.

Its easy to lose sight of Prana, when we get busy or when we start overeating, traveling and feeling less vital than we could. Sometimes when we sink into this state inertia kicks in. We start to create blockages in the subtle energetic system and these blockages obstruct the flow of energy within.

So what is Prana? We use the word all the time in yoga. Most people translate it as life force. Then when you ask what life force means many say "Prana." It's a circular definition. To me Prana is vital energy. It is more than breath, it is the life force that animates all existence. Its what allows the cells to reproduce in the most healthy and efficient way possible. The body is not busy being a janitor but can actually build vital tissues so we can up level our lives and thrive.

When we can get Prana (breath and energy} and Citta (mind and consciousness) to move as one we can start to dissolve the blockages and move towards optimum living.

So these Summer holidays remember its the season of long days, growth, light, joy and brightness. The heat can be intense, so eat seasonal fresh light foods that are ea

sy to digest and can keep your body cool, providing it with the fluids and antioxidants it needs in the warm weather.

Commit to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and adjust your diet, lifestyle and physical practices to the summer season to live in a state of energetic abundance.

So this summer

  • Make sure your plate is half full of green veggies.

  • Get into the beauty of nature often, where Prana resides

  • Hydrate often

  • Pause to take a breath and maybe say no to some of those excess social invitations

  • Make the intention of your yoga practice not so much about the shapes you make but the feeling of Prana circulating.

All this will up level your life instead of skimming across the surface of your potential.

Check the timetable here for the Xmas period, still lots of classes on to keep cultivating and circulating that Prana.