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This is a paradox (absurdity), or you could say an enigma (riddle), or a puzzling contradiction that keeps arising for me, yoga and the concept of fear.

I encounter many wonderful souls in our local community that use words such as anxious, nervous, scared, intimidated, not flexible, when referencing the thought of entering our beautiful, warm, welcoming, all inclusive Yoga Shala.

There may be a plethora of reasons leading to these emotions.

Have some inquiry, what is it in reality that you could possibly be afraid of?

I encourage you to ask yourself this & drill down into it.

You may feel intimidated by the images you see in magazines & social media. That is not yoga, they are images. Yoga is not about what it looks like.

To sum it up nicely with a quote from BKS Iyengar "The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It's about using the posture to transform yourself".

Yoga is the practice of a lifetime so if you are waiting to find perfection before you enter the Shala, then you will be waiting for ever.

I can understand feelings of nervousness about trying something new & entering the unknown. Nerves are good, they show you have a healthy respect for your safety.

But lets keep it in perspective, we are talking about standing & sitting on a rubber mat in a warm room with a beautiful view & some cool tunes playing and you will get to make some shapes with your body. Yin classes you don't even get to stand up!

Yoga asks us to observe without judgement. There is no comparing to be done here.

Oscar Wilde said "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken".

He also said "Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the results".

He must have been referring to the practice of yoga too.

If entering the Shala evokes a felt sense of fear, anxiety or nervousness maybe you need to have some deep inquiry around being fearful of something that can only benefit you. Be fearful of the big scary stuff, not yoga.

Yoga is a transformative path of growth on many levels, energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You get what you need out of it, whether its the physical or another layer.

And the paradox again is that yoga is the perfect tool, its the medicine, to teach one how to deal with fear, anxiety, stress, nervousness & lack of flexibility.

So why not turn up. Surmount your fears. Free yourself.