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Challenging Change

Why is it that new years resolutions don’t seem to stick for very long? Why is that?

If these New Years Resolutions are so important, why did we not start them earlier? Well whether it’s New Year or not, they can be tough to implement, which is why they did not happen earlier.

So why are they so tough? Because changing ingrained patterns which we have become accustomed to takes time. These patterns can be physical, mental or emotional. When you stop feeding a pattern or addiction, there is withdrawal symptoms. They can also be hard to shift because there are lifestyle factors involved. Family, friends, work, home life may contribute to & facilitate these patterns.

But possibly the real reason we don’t follow through is because we are not looking at the big picture. If we are changing habits & patterns but are not managing stress levels, if we do not have awareness in how we are reacting, if we are not making conscious decisions, if we are not shifting our perspectives to gain clarity on our desires, patterns & behaviours, really little will change.

So lets take a good look at ourselves.

Yoga is a system, a practice & a tool. It’s a way to spend time dedicated to yourself, so you can drop the small stuff & gain some clarity on the big picture. A yoga practice will support you through the multiplicity of changes that occur & facilitate & promote a healthy lifestyle. And since “like attracts like” you find that your desire to indulge in unhealthy behaviours starts to drift away.

When you commit to a yoga practice, positive change will happen.

You become the master of your own life.

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Sheridan Gill and Jane Corben in Kosciuszko National Park - Captured by Mike Edmondson