The Shala's mission is to be a stunning, supportive and educational space that thrives on growth, grace, peace and wellbeing, with an aim to teach and inspire creativity & connection in its offerings, so all may experience the powerful effects that Yoga will bring to your life.


Yoga is a way to discover the infinite potential of your body, the power of your mind & the beauty of your soul. It’s a system, a process & an outcome, that cultivates a relationship between the body, the mind & the breath. This discovery then connects you to your soul, that part of you that is innate & unchanging.


The simplicity of Yoga makes it achievable for everyone. You do not have to be flexible, strong, spiritually inclined, or at peace with yourself to start yoga. You have all you need already to start, the tools are within you right now, they are not outside of you, you are not grasping for something externally. External fulfilment may be unattainable & its out of your control, inner fulfilment is attainable & you already have everything you need. It’s a practice of awareness & cultivation of these systems, tools & pathways.


Yoga creates a tangible pathway to cultivate more energy, vibrancy, personal power and presence in your life.  You will discover freedom in your mind & body. The foundation of Jindabyne Yoga Shala in 2014, by Jane Corben is a testament to this.

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Jane is an experienced Yogi with 35 years on the mat. Yoga has ushered her through raising three sons on her own, through business successes and fallouts; and decades of self-sufficiency. She is now Grandma to four beautiful grandchildren and Jindabyne Yoga Shala is her Yoga baby. Inevitably, this ancient science has become the center of her life path. The past five years have been spent studying, nurturing teachers, guiding students and gathering knowledge from the worlds best Yogis. As a mature mama who has faced the challenges of life with grace, she embodies the wise woman, holding much to share with young seekers.

Since 2014, Jane has studied Yin; Embodied Flow; Teens Yoga; Myofascial Release; Anatomy & Functional Movement; Vinyasa and Traditional Tantric Hatha with Tiffany Cruickshank, Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, Brian Kest, Jo McPhee, Dr Scott Lyons, Duncan Peak, Karina Guthrie and Octavio Salvado. Jane is E-RYT500 qualified with Yoga Alliance and Level 2 with Yoga Australia.

In 2018 Janes personal and teaching journey took a deep dive, when she returned to The Practice Bali to complete the inaugural 6 week advanced Tantric Hatha training with Octavio Salvado and Karina Guthrie.

This truly ignited the fire within and 6 months later a partnership flourished with fellow New Zealand trainee, Amy Bassett.

Old structures, patterns and karmic tendencies were destroyed to enable Jai Yoga Australia to be born in 2019.

Jai Yoga Australia is now a registered 200Hr Teacher Training School.

It is a traditional Tantric Hatha training, based on the transformative Tantric practices that will heighten your capacity to turn inwards, to see beneath the surface of things and awaken your senses to deepen the connection with yourself, others and the world you inhabit.



An alchemic transformation of the Jindabyne Country Women’s Association Hall, built in 1964, into a beautiful yoga studio. A tranquil, dedicated space where you will find quality, accessible, safe and effective yoga, giving you the tangible pathway to find your personal power to enhance your life.

There are Infrared heaters in the room so the space is always warm and inviting, and we have all the equipment needed for your practice - free of charge.


Through the Shala we hope you will be inspired to live a healthier more meaningful life, find increased space in your body & mind and be able to create deeper connections with yourself & others. 


"While visiting Jindabyne on holidays, I decided to try one of Jane's classes. Jane was everything you'd want in a yoga instructor - professional, experienced, friendly and accommodating to her students' abilities. Jane even provided me with a yoga mat, since I did not have my own with me! In addition, the studio is spacious, clean and has a stunning view of the lake, which makes the experience even better. I'll definitely be back!"