Yoga is a growing practice worldwide as students receive the benefits of the rich teachings of the ancient practices of Yoga, as well as their application to all aspects of modern day life, cultivating increased strength, stability and flexibility, paving a path to thrive.  

Yoga teaches us to embody who we were born to be.

Yoga is a personal practice, and the class yoga environment is one that is non-competitive and focused on individual experience rather than performance or perfection, as a result, yoga is an ideal environment for each individual to experience a meditative flow of present moment awareness, awakening and restoring energetic and mental realms into balance.


No matter whether you are a local or a visitor, a beginner or an experienced practitioner, come & find some refuge within our beautiful tranquil space.  All of our teachers have years of trainings, teaching hours and life experiences to draw from.

All classes are designed with intention, to draw awareness inwards, to awaken the subtle realms and to teach you to embody who you were born to be. To respect and challenge where you are at physically, energetically & mentally. It is your practice, no-one else's. 

If you are not sure which class to attend, please don't hesitate to contact me, Jane,  by phone 0403 033 170 or email.

Classes every day

  Drop in's welcome


At its heart Hatha Yoga is the management of Prana. Prana is that vital life force that animates all levels of our being. Prana enables our bodies to move & our minds to think. Hatha yoga focuses on cultivating, strengthening & channeling this Prana to enhance our physical health & mental well-being. Hatha yoga uses bodily postures (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama), and meditation (Dyana), which all work to make the spine supple and to promote circulation in all the organs, glands, and tissues. Hatha yoga postures also stretch and align the body, promoting balance and flexibility.


When the mind and emotions are scattered, the pranas can be thrown out of balance and such disturbances can sift into out physical tissues, creating an opening for disease. Yoga is a preventive tool. Through the practice your work is to awaken and master this energy, so you can experience all that life has to offer you.



​Vinyasa is a ‘progressive flow’, It's a yoga practice that offers the fitness benefits of strength, flexibility and balance in an environment of present-moment-focus that will enhance body awareness, posture, mental clarity, and breathwork.  This fusion of movement and breathwork cultivates purification through awareness, focus, and the detoxifying internal heat that in yoga we call “tapas”.  In a state of tapas we burn off impurities of body and mind to bring the whole self (body, nervous system, and mind) into a state of health and harmony.

Open to all levels, beginners will be offered simpler modifications, while seasoned yogis can explore depth in their practice. All levels are welcome and it is designed to challenge you.

For the Hot Vinyasa Flows are the room is heated to between 25 and 30degrees. The heated room encourages sweating, increased flexibility and blood flow. This builds muscular strength, improves bone density, increases stamina, creates core stability, flexibility and agility; also awakening self awareness and mental resilience, which cultivates presence and openness of mind and body. 


Our 6am Hatha Flow classes have some movement, lubricating the body for the day and some longer holds. The Tantric tools of pranayama, bandha and meditation techniques will be sprinkled through the class.


Yin is a slow, supported, nourishing and gentle practice that allows us to slow down and shift our consciousness and mindset to peace and tranquility. Yin poses deliberately & mindfully target the connective tissues in our joints, the deeper inner layers. There is a meditative element to the passive long held floor based postures. Its a special way of practicing that allows time for muscles to relax & in turn the connective tissue, joints, fascia & bones are targeted & stimulated. This practice seeks to relieve the effects of stress, tension, deep fatigue and adrenal exhaustion. You will leave with a feeling of spaciousness and bliss.


It is suitable for everyone, beginner and advanced yogis, those who are injured, stressed or seeking to bring greater physical & mental balance to their lifestyle.



Maybe you just like one on one tuition, or you're dealing with an injury, or want to overcome a hurdle in your practice or wish to master that peak pose. The Shala has seven different teachers to choose from.