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​One part of the body of particular interest in yoga practice is the spine. To understand why a healthy spine is crucial to our health, it is important to know a little about the structure of our bodies, of the spine, and the movements the spine can make.

A workshop designed to take you on a journey through the planes of movement, awaken the spine and find your centre.

Join Sarah to bring power, awareness and learning to this integral part of your body.

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Join Jane for a deep journey into the knowledge of Ayurveda & Yoga in her Workshop suited to all levels and experience. 

The practice of yoga is largely about using techniques and methodologies to awaken to something that already exists.


When we can understand the laws of nature and how we as human beings exist within this universality, we start to build awareness.

We begin to manifest the unconscious conscious, to make the unknown known.


Relate this to yourself. If you could have the tools to understand your body and mind, to understand your individuality, you would develop the capacity for flow,

to attune to nature and move

with power and grace.

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We are very excited to be hosting a workshop with Clive Sheridan this March 2021 at the Shala! 

In the pranayama session he will share clear guidelines to facilitate access to the science of the breath, and introduce important classical rhythms that vitalise the body & steady the mind. 


This will be followed by an energising variety of invigorating asana, also with emphasis on the breath. Clive maintains that the key to our ongoing vitality lies within the breath as we 'harness' Prana, the universal life force.


This is a heart-opening & transformative journey that with time can awaken our inner joy and deepest gratitude for this life. 


During the Satsang talk Clive shares insights into the powerful and challenging process of self-inquiry that - together with Yoga sadhana - may gradually liberate us from the 'addiction' of being regularly lost in the mind, in the internal dialogue. 




Next training

October - November 2021

200hr immersion - 4 weeks

Application form is here, email us on 

or call Jane on 0403 033 170

Hari Om!

We'd love to talk to you!


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