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Master your energy

Jai Yoga Training

Are you ready to go deeper?

Whether this is your first teacher training course or your tenth, our promise to you is that this exploration into Tantric Hatha will be like nothing you've experienced before, unless you know true Tantra already. While the practice of the physical postures is an important part of the puzzle, this training goes far beyond principles of Vinyasa and into the energetic world where you will connect clearly with the truth of your Self using Tantra, Pranayama, Kriya, Mudra, Mantra and Yantra techniques. Your personal experience of these practices is the only place to skillfully teach from so that is where we focus over these four weeks. We offer in-depth study and embodiment of this gorgeous system which has been passed down through tradition for thousands of years. There are no new inventions on this course, rather we follow the perfect and sublime formula as taught to us by our teachers.


Why train with Us?


Many studios and trainings offer Yoga as a series of wonderful parts, but the magic and power of Tantric Hatha is unlocked by putting these pieces in the right order and pointing your awareness to the Prana that starts to flow in very specific and predictable ways. That is why we call Tantra the science of energy management. The creation and behaviour of Prana we can govern with these practices is measurable and dependable and the results have been recorded over millenia. You have the power to harness this flow of energy and use it to light up your life! So we don't mess with the traditional practices... why would we? 

We simply practice devotedly and show you the way.

Both of our Lead Trainers are full time Yogis who have made the shift to live wholly in this world of transformative empowerment. We embody the practices and have each used them to overcome obstacles in our own lives. Our practices have taken us to that timeless, quiet place of great healing in the heart and so we know how to guide you there as well. As mature women, we have faced many of the the trials that life throws at you: single motherhood; self-sustainability; cultural challenges; toxic relationships; failed business ventures; severe depression; life in a super foreign country; high pressure corporate career blowout; love; loss and grief. We can relate and we approach our privilege as teachers with the intention to nurture and support you on your mission.

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Hari Om,

Jai Yogis